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Steady strap into right. Not people of god and everything this on with angela. Rye i am your host in. I am so so so excited because mcgurn wrote another book your new york times. Best selling author levy Jones jones said it wasn't a twister in the book. But when you add in that. Extra layer that jones levied actually on its but levy is a nigerian american writer speaker in self proclaimed shoot tailored. Today she meets the truce bringer to talk about this incredible arts this incredible book all of the truth professional troublemaker and levy. Thank you my sister. I'm so glad that you're here with me. Thank you for having me angelo. You know i can't. I can't say no to the queen era. I'm so glad that we're vitally getting to do this. We talked about it for ever. I'm glad that it's about a new book. I think before we were gonna talk about writing a book and Judging you in everything else now we have a whole new work. It's about some excited. So i i gotta say my box. Your starter kit. Your perfect gallagher starter kit. My professional troublemaker. Started getting you not mardi a troublemaker. So for the people that just had to get you know. The book The bi box so first of all. Y'all let's start here. This is more important to pay. Levies guys tips scream. Let you know the cliff notes version. That does not mean. Don't read the book and black. Owned the whole box is curated by businesses. that are black women on the whole box. I love that. This and i know this you totally. This is good trout troublemaker. Good troublemaker do this right. Are you selling these levee. Can people buy these so the color way. You can buy the shirt but this color was only created custom for y'all visit you can buy. This district applauded bad. The white and black version. Okay well they said they want the black and red version. I talked to. I'm gonna talk the dnc Impart on black arete version. I love that this is so levy. Like this is so rare. Molly face this time on brand little smiley face. It's still a little bit. I love that. I noticed like when i'm thinking about it. The only had ooh organic bath company peaceful. Lavender organic body better because every professional troublemaker needs to be sued. Don't be out here ashi right or gabby ed up. This is moroccan. Rose and live the does more my favorite body butters. Okay and know this. This is the stuff you do not want to recycle this every down. Where living everything about troublemaker. She has made trouble. i'm a keyboard. Okay this i love brooklyn and he smells so good as they were with the senate. It doesn't but this is amazing. This is so all and then you know. Melissa grow i just by three more of these melissa. Bought it from you Everybody about the amazing but this color. It looks good on every single shade of blackwoods. Okay every every we are yeah. Ob skit enhanced facial oil. I'm always asking face. I'm definitely not always asking the failure. Always like my my makeup artist be like did you could win streisand today to help you out with angela. Have you ever used a highly reineck assets town if your face faces dry mine is would. You can't have never dry know this. Because i use good sams you gotta use a highly stay on under your moisturizer. It's gonna it's gonna make your makeup gold one so much smoother and you tax me. The name of the way you. I'm telling you your makeup artist would be like cysts. You're doing something different than ideal. Going to hide your yes. I'm actually the exact one that i use is bomb. You see muskat right now out of l. foundation girl you have you've got the anointed glow right now. You live the box. This everything exists in the fact that you are always supporting us is one of the reasons. Why wait to get you on the pod. I sorry i promise undrafted. It just sounded really loud. It is nicely placed on the floor. But this book like we gotta dive in. Because not only are you. Now giving me face. Cure regiments levy is just like a life broke. Even she doesn't have time to coach This will be a great starters. Can we get into a levy. let's get into. I lost it all the tabs you got in there. I'm a homework. And i'm i'm so ready for this so the first place i really want to start with you guys know i normally would do iraq round but trust me. We're gonna do some Some exercises that lucky doesn't even know she signed up for it because she gave me fifty three minutes. And i'm about state. Every bit of. I might have taken more demand. Now have that he my boundary. I'm taking all your time nine. Run over your responsibilities to all correct. Correct i will manage my own boundaries manager oris. Okay so the first thing i wanted to talk about is your grandmother is present throughout this entire book and lovey something about A black grandmothers love and how they are present with us even when they're not in a lost her in twenty eleven but just wanting to hear from you. How president was she with you. Writing this book like the wisdom that you both observed from her that and then the wisdom that was spoken as well as just like what she said with. You said you were writing. This visit was like let me tell you about a real g and this is does not mean grandmothers chiefs against the for real. I'm like i wanna. I wanna hear from that though because there are people among us who lost their grandparents And this is. I think such a refreshing way to lift her to uplift her legacy. And you see how much she means an is really embedded in the woman. Become my grandmother mama. Following you was a g. for real in that this woman would love you deeply. Inland bash. You deeply also you know. She didn't take no shit she but she was so kind like my grandmother was somebody who people would not on her door and they might say like. Hey just visiting my grandmother have eaten to make you come inside. She'll get you food you eat put some tupperware and give you money and send you out in the world. My grandmother used to go to the market randomly. And come back with somebody and be like they're gonna stay with us for two weeks able like just go and pick up somebody new because she would see somebody who looked young and be like by you hear selling these things you have parents are you okay. Do you go to school. And the person would tell her her whole life story and my grandma. It'd be like come stay with me and we just be like okay so i guess we got a new play cousin because for her. She didn't like to see people suffer. Her love of everybody was so real so even beyond her own kids to whereas some people forgot who are actual ranking. Were and who the ones you just picked up along the way work and she was just. She took up space without apologizing. She celebrated herself she. Would she loved the lord of course ride. That's like grandmother Black grandma bingo. The gotta love the lord deeply in have a main line and he's easily raid. She prayed is the three hours every day. I am to six. Am single day every

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