A highlight from 92. The Pleven Panorama Puts Visitors Inside the Decisive Battle of Bulgarian Liberation

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So this is where the ottoman empire tried to stall the invaders progress and it almost worked september eleventh eighteen. Seventy seven was the third attack on the ottoman defensive positions on the canvas russian troops under the command of skobelev stream towards you in two main divisions with guns and bayonets a third division of romanian troops capture a nearby position. The whole park here is by the name of the person that you can see over on the white horse so this is general skull. If he was in charge of the soldiers here and from here he wanted help to go and liberate the city. We the museum. Visitors are put in the position of the defenders. The ottoman soldiers surrounded by two battlefields. The only successful fight viz days the fight here for the place of the museum and this is why we are here. Thirty thousand soldiers came from the greenfield. That you can see over there. They were crossing the valley they separate it onto and they attacked at the same time looking north. You can see the city of plevin as it would have looked in eighteen. Seventy seven one of the largest cities in bulgaria at the time. The battle resulted in so many casualties. The attackers switched tactics and brought in general total ban. Total ban decided to conduct a siege of the city of plevin still under ottoman control. The idea of kotla ben was very different. So didn't rely on soldiers to fight for the place as you can secure. His idea is actually use the place. You can see the cities in the vote. It's very easy to surround the place so that nothing goes in and nothing goes out for forty five days. No food no water. The water meals that were in the city. They were not working. The soldiers they started to die from hunger from diseases. Actually the people of cleven started to actually die from hunger and diseases. They are telling that the city was like the siege was successful forcing the ottoman soldiers to break out of the city after another battle the ottoman surrendered on december tenth. Eighteen seventy seven bulgaria was finally back on the map of europe. The plevin panorama museum opened exactly one hundred years later on december tenth. Nineteen seventy seven. One hundred years is a long time and bulgaria. Looked very different in one thousand nine. seventy seven. Bulgaria was a satellite state of the ussr operating under a communist regime. I ask stove. If the political environment and the story of russian armies contributing to bulgarian liberation was one of the reasons for creating the panorama. Our museum is made from volunteers and from donations. And it's not part of any political things we were just representing. The fights de actually liberated bulgaria. And so that's different from something like bush. Yeah that's made from for the government from the government and it was something different. As an idea pushed up the concrete flying saucer monument that we covered on episodes forty-seven and fifty four of museum. Archipelago comes to mind because it was built only a few years later in one thousand nine hundred eighty one and it has a similar feel unimposing disc shaped structure of press concrete with a vertical column or two but the comparison ends there while booze louisville was constructed to make the communist party look futuristic. The architecture of the pleasant panorama itself is etched with the story of the siege.

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