A highlight from I Am So Confused About What to Do for My Health in Menopause. Why Is It So Hard to Know the Right Thing to Do?


I am so confused about what to do for my health and menopause. This is jj virgin four time new york times bestselling author celebrity nutrition expert and fitness hall of famer. I've been on a lifelong quest for answers to the toughest health questions. And now i'm sharing what i found you. Welcome to ask the health expert tabah from instagram asks. I'm so confused about what to do and not to do for my health and menopause. Why it's so hard to know the right thing to do. I've got dr karen soon with me to answer this question. She's the perfect person for it. She's an obgyn. She's a functional medicine expert but more importantly she used her expertise on herself to lose one hundred pounds and keep it off and healer herself from chronic disease and now she helps tens of thousands of women lose. Weight regain their energy and master midlife through her. Stop them in a pause madness summit and her brilliant health revolution podcasts and youtube channel. 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And i can't wait to hear what you have to say on this next step of the adventure. You can check it all out by going to reignite wellness dot com and let me know yes. I hear this a lot and find that for many women. This is the case and the conundrum. They are really confused about what to do with their health and they feel like it's so hard to know what to do and it really shouldn't be hard. You're not alone. So i know that my story was confusing. I was aboard certified. Obgyn and i was confused. Because everything i knew to do to figure out what was wrong with my health and i had seen every day and wanted to sleep all the time and was depressed and anxious and had no sex. Drive in my hair was falling out. Couldn't find the problem. And i couldn't fix it and so i know if i was confused with all the training i had that most people right about now. Most women are extremely confused. So you're confused with good reason. And i'm gonna kind of tell you why so. The difficulty lies in that the type of care that most physicians are trained and is one type of care and it is a hill for an ill or a surgery for a symptom and not isn't really about finding out why you have a symptom and what to do about it so it's not about root cause resolution and that's one way of treating the body gets certain results which as we've talked about really doesn't give women the hormonal solution. They need at menopause to feel great and be optimally. How the and now. I have such a big bigger toolbox with lots of different tools. And i really asked the question. Why why do you have these symptoms and really go down into the soil and dig out the route so if your health is like a tree if you're having symptoms you can't sleep. You're gaining weight. Have no sex drive. Were up in the leaves and branches. And if we're going to one doctor The dermatologist for skin problem in getting that leaf addressed. And we're going to the gastroenterologist because we have bird and loading than we're getting that leaf address and always was symptom management. Oh when you go down the trunk of the tree and to the roots in the ground with root causes and you start addressing the why then you really start improving health and it's hard for you to know what to do because the people that you've trusted with your health and really we've been taught for decades to abdicate control of our health. Our doctor that are doctor knows fast and unfortunately that's not true anymore. Your doctor doesn't know best and really you need to become a certain degree of an expert on your health I've heard it said that you need to be the ceo of your own health and it's so true so you have to have a working knowledge of how your body works and what it needs. And then the other thing that contributes to the confusion is that there's so much information available on the internet so much and you can google. What's the right diet for a woman at fifty and you will get probably two point five million responses in less than a second. So how do you discern what's right for you so we're not lacking information. Were drowning in information. But we're lacking in wisdom and so really what we're being called to do in this day and age is regain our communication with our body. That's something that. I really encourage women to do and see symptoms. Not as a call for a drug. Oh i have a headache. I need a pain medicine to get rid of it but that your body is talking to you. It's the language of your body telling you that something's wrong out of balance and so you need to become the detective to figure out how to discern the messages and decipher the messages that you're body's giving you so that you then no oh it's because this hormones to balance or a this food and i'm having an adverse reaction or i didn't sleep well or that caffeine doesn't agree with me or whatever the reason is so you've really got to rekindle that connection with your body's language and then also finding people for instance like so many out. There who were traditionally trained had their own health challenges couldn't didn't have the answers and had to find new information and new tools and the wisdom in order to know how to transform their health and find these people seek them out and they can help you. Go on your own healing journey. Which really is your hero's journey and what your health symptoms are calling you to do so. I understand that it's confusing. You are not alone and it's hard because we're being called to take new actions and think about our health in a different way. This is jj with ask the health expert. I do this five times a week. So make sure you never miss a show by going to subscribe to. Jj dot com.

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