A highlight from The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse | Sunday Message


Were going through. The book of revelation together and the title of my message is the four horsemen of the apocalypse. It's pretty ominous sounding isn't it but that's where we're gonna be talking about in this particular message as we go through. The book of revelation heard a story about two christians were standing on a roadside with a sign. That said. the end is near turnaround before it's too late. So some guys fed got by through its brakes on ruled on his window and yelled at the chris. Why don't you religious nuts. Just leave us alone and he sped off and there was this creature of tires in a huge splash and one of the christians turned to his christian friend and said maybe we should just get a sign that says bridge out instead right. So here's the question. Is the end really near. Haven't we heard this for a long time. Is armageddon actually coming. is the anti christ close to appearing. are we going to see the apocalypse and our lifetime. I mean the very word of puck is a powerful word. it usually means something catastrophic. Something really bad. We'll say it's so bad it's puck elliptic. There's a trend right now. Wild theory floating around the internet about a zombie apocalypse. Right so we use this word a lot but actually it's. It's a interesting word. It's an interchangeable word with the word revelation and it simply means the unveiling or another way to translate it to pull the lid off of something and that's exactly what we see happening now as we come to this new section of revelation the liz being pulled off and we see a lot of powerful events are happening in rapid succession. As i described earlier not unlike domino's closely stacked together one knocking the other one over we have never been closer to the apocalypse and we are right now. Type the word apocalypse in google and you will find one hundred million pages addressing the topic. But what does it mean. That's what i want to talk about a number of years ago billy. Graham wrote a book called approaching hoof beats the four horsemen of the apocalypse. And here's what billy wrote. And i quote some theologian. Bible scholars have thought these scenes as described the by the apostle john to be a description of past events however most jellicoe scholars interpret them as having to do with the future. as do. I writes billy and my view. The shadows of all four horsemen can already be seen galloping through the world at this very moment therefore i want not only to apply these symbols of events yet to come but also for us to put our ears lower to the ground it here. They're cooked beats growing louder by the day. Graham concludes quote. I can hear the pizza. These sources much louder than when i first began writing this book and quote. He wrote that book thirty eight years ago. So billy graham could hear the hoof beats louder than we certainly can hear them even more right now. These approaching hope beats have become thundering. Cook beats and i want to talk about what the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Who they are what this is all about but before we get to that and revelation chapter six here five. We're going to go back to heaven for a moment. It see what's happening in heaven before the four horsemen are unleashed. So read with me from revelation. Chapter five verse. One jonah's

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