LeBron do you really believe like every person black person leaves her house hunt? I


That's an exaggeration, but nobody but nobody questions that and they should. Because that if you're if you are, if you are a 12, year old black what do you mean? Nobody questions that we question that the media questions. We have a show in one Las Vegas market. I'm saying tons of people have questioned there. There have not been a lot of especially the left. Lot of left wing amazing the mainstream media outlets and left Well yeah, Why would I not, of course, because the demographic that LeBron is speaking to pace tension of those type of media outlets, and they're not question it and they should When LeBron James says something Like black people were hunted every time they leave their homes. But he has no problem with what is going on in Hong Kong and China with with the leaders there people looking at that, and

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