Vernon Jordan, Civil Rights Icon and Former Clinton Adviser, Dies at 85


In Washington power broker Vernon Jordan is dead. Jordan grew up in segregated Atlanta, worked in civil rights law after graduating from Howard Law School and became head of the National Urban League in the seventies. He's been a long time Washington D. C. The resident. He used that position to become one of the city's most imposing figures. He never held public office, but formed relationships with lawmakers and corporate leaders to create economic and political opportunities for African Americans. His friendship with a young bill Clinton paid off later when he became one of the president's closest advisors, D. C delegate Eleanor Holmes. Norton spoke with us earlier about Jordan. In a real sense. He's a real inspiration to young people and especially the African Americans to what they Can't achieve. He's in American life. He will certainly be unforgettable. I'm on Lee, hoping he will not be your irreplaceable. In a statement tonight, President Biden says Jordan knew the soul of America in all of its goodness, and all of its unfulfilled promise. The president says in order to honor Jordan the work of fighting racism has to continue. Vernon Jordan was 85 6

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