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Deana boxing coach. When i was when i was a teenager i remember sparring adams. He was telling me. Like i want you to try and fucking kill i go for so so i connected with them. Clean as hard as i could with my right hand. That's what i'm talking about him. And just starting wiping ammar shot evans. And i'm on hot. Boxing with mike tyson and be jade fucking baldwin deal. Brother what's going on. I don't know we want to hear budget record breaking stunts man. We also want to know about your fancy othman ship with the gun. Oh thank you john. One time threw up your that. Sammy davis junior and raw. Might notice when he's just sitting around with a gun and shoot pile power pow putting the back in and you do of back in the hole pull out. You know not really tricks. Sammy davis. Who's the experts guns really. I didn't know that ought to ought to check that out. And i'm been off road racing long. Distance endurance endurance racing in the desert for a little over twenty years. Now i've got seven series points championship only person to win the baldwin thousand two consecutive years and drive the entire distance is really far man. It was eleven hundred and sixty seven miles in two thousand twelve was in the car for twenty hours and fifteen minutes and then the following year i think it was like nine hundred and thirty miles and i was in the car for about sixteen hours when i'm in the car that long. What happened kids. This illness was called again. The sciatic i can't work operation really. Yeah no i see them on operations. I i get really tired. I think the biggest thing for me is the mental fatigue. Because it's like one thing we only in the bottom of thousand. You only get older one. Nine nineteen sixty seven was. I think its origination. You only get to see this. The same corner one time as it relates to like other forms of racing you do laps and bala thousands of one thousand mile lap so you get one opportunity to do everything but that they may stories like family davis junior team and did that one. Yeah that show called something. Five hundred the baja five hundred. They did they did do some recent baghdad and there's a wild wild world onto that effective saying way maybe crazy persons on this race to get something of what it was so long drive. How many people. You've got driving. Which you well i got. I got my navigator. And then for most of Bala thousands that i've done. I've driven the entire distance. It's the wraith. Yeah yeah it's a off road race. There's about three hundred cars and trucks and motorcycles. There's probably forty of them in my class in the unlimited class. Which is the class that drivers to the peon. Yeah there's a there's a few. There's a few good women drivers sir prices in the spectra class yachts. It's super super competitive. It's my truck is basically everything that you can put into something that looks like a truck and make it go really really fast over. Really rough desert may makes about nine hundred fifty horsepower. It'll go through three. And four foot bumps one hundred and fifteen hundred makes the categories he said was an unlimited. Like what makes the different categories where they are well. They'll they'll have a rule book for all these various classes like we'll take. I think it's class nine. It's been so long. They'll have like a stock. Full truck will have to have stock suspension arms stocks sized shocks. Have to run a stock frame rails and then have to have like an engine that's similar to stock and then everything else can be upgraded so that that rule books like twenty five pages of all the stuff has to be put into that truck to make sure it qualifies course a real competitive trump about eight hundred and fifty thousand. Yeah my rule book is one page. It's got have a factory production grill and have a factory looking lights. But they're just stickers everything else is open. There's really not much of rate with this stuff. Anybody ever died doing yeah. People people die occasionally at the ball on thousand people get her all the time. A couple people die every year at the ball and thousand. It's pretty dangerous. I try not to die on fire. Six times i've i my navigator mr note in two thousand fifteen and i was trying to pass somebody in the dust at two in the morning and i flew off a cliff into iraq size of school bus and i went from. I was going ninety six miles an hour on the road. I got it slowed down to about seventy one seventy two miles an hour. I went from seventy miles an hour to zero in about fifteen inches. So before you do this whole thing like union crews you guys out navigating the whole the whole course and making sure you get every single little nuance and i can't fathom with. Gsm years now fifteen it like a fatal car crash from like a regular production vehicle is like thirty three miles an hour. So if i didn't have my five point harnesses on it. And then i have a head and neck restraint that keeps keeps me from having baseler skull fracture where the base of your brain breaks in your in your brain stem. If i didn't have that i'd be dead at half that speed so there's a lot of protective equipment but you're still wanna do stuff like it's it's another dimension in motor sports. There's one thing it's one thing to like. Go around a track and you have a bunch of people watching and it's on tv and you get five hundred opportunities to hit this corner that corner whatnot but when you have all of these elements that you can't control like rockwall on the left and one hundred foot cliff on the riot or a blind jump cliff. Yeah it's it's pretty passing the flu cliff. You don't think about leg passing in a desert race. You don't get to see much. His explosive dust in front of you from the car that you're trying to chase down so it definitely has. What made you say. This is where i wanna do the first time you how i wanna do. This always liked driving cars. You know like. I learned how to drive a car when i was six years old. Still my sister's corvette when i was nine years old and drove it around the neighborhood for about fifteen twenty minutes. I got a little bit of trouble for that. But i was like racing and i was really really good on on dirt bikes when i was a kid and i got an opportunity to race with the barbary coast team in a small limit production buggy and then it just evolved into truck raising. How many trucks do you have an. Yeah how about that. I got personally personally. When i got a dodge diesel. I've got loki. Which one thousand. Nine hundred seventy eight chevy blazer. That's fully built out like a like a pre runner but it has a motor. That's a lot smaller runs on pump. Gazza makes about six hundred horsepower. It's got lots and lots of wheel travel. I've really enjoyed driving. That and then. I have six support trucks to pre runners and to racetrax not one that i knew. Bj for a while back for a while and know him bj through mutual friends. Yeah mutual friends. That's one thing that sticks memory guys were like there. Were like messing with you or something. What club was that. We were at Trays or something like

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