A highlight from Drive-Thrus and Du-Rags

Over the Shoulder


Now. The give nother oscars. Now the disappointment that do we. Did you see that you caught me off guard the after daniel kalou one is a war and they mistook him for the disney. Let's here there we go. Yeah the The reporter was like how does it feel to be directed by regina king. He was like. How could you repeat the question. John my little brother soccer. I'll be watching just snapping dude engine. True speaking this is not oscars at a time from the source. That's that's how you get to switch it over. He's like this vaccine. But we did we did see the oscars we saw some Some interesting winds. We saw Jet we boseman did not win. That's why i was just. I mean it wasn't that he didn't win. Best actor it's what twitter's been saying how they marketed the oscars and you know in a big shot. The colusa but i had a few issues. I feel like Latif and daniel should not have been in the same category. You know what. I'm saying like that leads to your point. Though i feel like the kademi was trying to create a situation in which one of them would win and chad. But that's not what happened and there. So there are some pluses right. So daniel i think it was the first time. A black person or black One the war from hair makeup for feeling stuff It was a rainy rainy. bottom yet. but yeah there was definitely some losses them like finish out the show with anthony hopkins. Winning should just like old white guy. I didn't grant i didn't watch the movie. What is it the father some. But i did watch My my rainy and also watch the sound of metal Thought whoever the lead. Forget remit not remiss whatever. His name is from south metal. Yeah he killed. Shit bro. raise i ed or something like that. You use fire. That sounded medal was excellent. Amazing the majors. Great film won best. Sound and best best sound is something else. They were both outta story where awards though like sensory kind of base things yet. they're both sets of rebates. So of course you know we don't look to the oscars for validation. We just appreciate the appreciation right so we wanna appreciate all those little bit appreciated from this appreciative source. Anytime nigger gets a win game. We all fall. I love nicholas. I don't care what platform it is. And i feel like after daniel kinda sized up shorties question. Yeah he was. Like i mean just about us getting coming together. That's really all right. Yeah in a c- Yossi the video of daniel and fred hampton. Junior sharon refrigerator hugging the after party. Y'all embracing each other. I always powerful man. i imagine. Just like to be in Chairman fred junior's shoes right. You know You know behind the legacy of such a great man Have this film come out under these circumstances and four daniel to win an oscar for playing your father right. You know what i'm saying. And then yeah. I sort of thought that fred hampton juniors in the movie word right yet. But he's in the mood because the the mom pregnant during home. Okay yes or no moving. So it's crazy. This is crazy that his father died before he was born. And here we are seeing the unraveling of this narrative. Right in our face to the point you just made man it is is. We appreciate seeing niggers. I love watching nigga win and then like what is that moment.

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