The Beauty Benefits of Turmeric


Dermatologist veto. mari walla who south asian herself offers. An example of how ubiquitous the beauty benefits of timur have become. Interestingly skinned benefits are all so ingrained in the culture that typically day or sober before your wedding in india. There's actually something called a halt these ceremony. Literally it's the day before even the day of the wedding and your family members rob a piece of turmeric sandalwood in gram flour on your skin so in this like pre wedding ritual. You know it's supposed to be good luck. You can imagine that started as a way to fully dead skin and give the bride and the groom that glowing look before their big day. Obviously traditionally we know has been used in food. But it's just such a part of indian culture. The we actually do a whole ceremony dedicated towards on the day of our wedding. But what is it about tumor. That makes it such a beauty powerhouse. The secret sauce is curcumin. A chemical compound founding to mark with antioxidant properties. Marijuana breaks a down that works a lot like vitamin e. It's a chain breaking antioxidant. What i mean by that is that it can both scavenge free. Oxygen radicals on the skin and inhibit the generation of reactive oxygen species. So it's like a for right. Not only does it stop these free radicals from forming but also helps get them

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