Google vs. Roku Over the YouTube TV App

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Either listeners. It's brett molina here. Welcome back to talking tech by co host. Mike snyder is off today now. I thought one of the benefits of switching from cable to streaming was. We'd avoid a lot of these carriage deals you're about you know the case where you see an ad maybe for your carrier from channel saying you're gonna lose this channel by the end of the month. Let your cable provider no familiar with all that messaging will it seems like that kind of stuff has carried over now into the streaming world and the latest example of this is roku versus google roku has warned users of its devices who are also subscribes to youtube tv that they might lose access to the app citing quote unfair terms and quote from google according to a copy of the email that was obtained by usa today which you can read about tech usa today dot com the company behind the popular media streaming players told users that recent oceans with google to continue to carry youtube tv broke down because roku cannot accept what they call google's terms as we believe they could harm our users The email also says it roku is committed to reaching a deal so that they can keep youtube tv on the players. Now of course. Google has responded to this day in in their statement. They say they're disappointed that they chose that roku has chosen to make these kind of claims while they continue to go and that they are trying the best they can to offer a deal that benefits the viewers of tv as well as everyone that owns a roku Now this isn't the first time we've heard with roku hosting other apps as you recall when hbo max launched in may twenty twenty. It wasn't on the platform for quite a while. I think it was several months. Wasn't until december of that year ahead of the

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