Storytime: 100 Rooms

Circle Round


Round everyone. One hundred rooms The morning of frederick's one hundredth birthday. He woke up with a smile. He'd lived a long happy life working his way up to become a successful merchant and raising three daughters whom he adored their names were harmony melody and colli appeal. Frederick always loved music but he was too busy buying selling and trading to learn how to play an instrument so we'd given his daughter's musical names in hopes that sunday one of them would become a musician harmony. His oldest didn't seem very interested nor did his middle child melody. A colli appease ears had always perked up the opening notes of any song and from a young age she was dabbling in all sorts of instruments from the violin. The piano to the drums to celebrate fredericks one hundredth birthday. His daughters threw him a big party at his grand mansion. All one hundred rooms of the mansion were brimming with smiling chattering guests after the guests had gobbled up their cake and gone home. Frederick called harmony melody and goliath to his side. More daughters today was marvelous. Thank you glorious party harmony. The eldest had grown up to become a businesswoman. You're welcome father. It was such a pleasure organizing the guest list and ordering all the supplies and everything looked so. Perfect fredericks middle daughter. Melody was a hotel manager. The staff setup. Everything just as. I requested the tables the chairs the flowers. Everything frederick smiled at his two daughters. You both didn't beautifully then. He turned his eyes to his youngest. You alive those musicians. Wherever did you find them. I've never heard such wonderful music in my very own house.

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