A highlight from Episode #535 - R.I.P. Dave - Nate Bargatze


Catholic point. But if he takes the period company policy. Hey what's up. Everybody to legion skanks podcast. We are coming from our second zoom show of the week so hello to sixty percent of you i'm big. I'm your host big jail persson We are down one gang but luckily for you guys There is one still here. It is the puerto rican rattlesnake lewis. Jayco mez yes. that's right. You know. Dave it's a whitlock and i wanna let me just say this because i want him to get very clearly we love. Dave and dave is incredible. We wish him the best Doing brian he's murdering it. And you know we we love and the reality is. It's been a long time coming. So david officially left. The show is officially quit. Comedy or announcing. Now we're announcing it. What are we going to wear it going to hold on the information. I thought we were a little bit. Okay well sorry. We ended it should we. Should we resolve burlington ninety. Might as well. They're gonna know anyway what he's never here again. Yeah dave's gonna official. He's gone do what is it. What he's he's running for city council or something. I have no idea why thoughts president ultimate eventually. That's in four years. But i think he wants to get a headstart and just fucking reps in. I don't know he talks you more than me because He doesn't like my stances on certain things. That is very true. We line politically more. Dave really aligned politically But we do have an amazing guests on the show today and just let us sit with people. We'll figure it out. We have an amazing yesterday. His new special on that flips the greatest average american absolutely fucking hilarious. It's the great. Nate bar gazzi. Thank you may. this is a lot. Y'all just throw me the biggest news in the history of allegiance gangs now. No warning to this has to be when when when your other guy dies. Yeah we had rogin on once. That was huge over. Dave rogin being on the show was bigger news than dave leaving the show. yes. I wonder why they've left. His departure means nothing. You just totally like it was like. Oh it's bert wednesday day forever anyway News of the day. Just being two of us legion anymore. We like we do jefferson starship skanks silly silly janus gangs because we need to but the fans dude. I mean the fans are part of the lesion. I'll be honest with you. Dave quit for years ago. Yeah so we wish. The best to dave and honestly i will be voting for dave smith in his future endeavors was presidential election. I got residents. Are you gonna make him hold up. This gang situation. Safety gets in the president. I'll be honest with strong. He doesn't know how to do it now. you need. He just the diamond cutter. that's fair. It did rockefeller record no. It's not a circle doggy. He had a cross. Don't know. Can i explain what it is because people don't know what's gang fans is really yet they don't get it all the time i go out to the crowd. Wash people doing this. And i'm like you don't even get it. It's not just a circle. You fucking idiots. Okay it's the x. For the mouth. And that's the circle so that gang hands right there. Somebody screengrabbed neat when we get cancelled uses against him. Not say what really going to be the new okay. That's the new game. what's funny dave. I didn't know we could just quit the show love. You know it's funny The people still don't know how to do it and it's the it's literally like the thing for all my tour dates. It's like me doing that. Symbols a cartoon of it but like very big very how you do it and yet still. They don't understand delays. Well you know. I do it as a handshake now. So you do this with somebody and you can both go up at the same time and create the scans. How many people get into that with you though too. yeah. I figured. I had one guy. Oh my god. I almost fucked was on. Send it to bobby. I have the video still. This guy was j. I mean i would almost invite him to be on the show. His name is b. shot up be. You're out there doggy. He's a fucking man he had a gold vampire fangs. He came out in tampa and he had a gun and just in his pocket holster doesn't get new level he ruled and he was wearing a chipper in t shirt and oversized chip chipper. T shirt and he was a widower and he was ready to shoot people for me. I was just pointing people's like you'll kill him right now. Gilson gimme the word. I'll kill this motherfucker right now. He was the best great current. Mets could joke or he says i'm going to say african american. I love that i've a. It's funny man. When you use. Florida is florida's my story where i I got off stage. It was pouring rain and the manager was like. Hey my friends are here. And don't even think about the fact that one of them has Dreadlocks and he's white. Just go with them and i went with them and they got their car which was far away from the club. Because there's walk back to. The hotel was very close by the way just pouring rain and I don't know why was going to go to his car for a ride home. But like was as far as the as the hotel

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