A highlight from #342: The Science of Building Better Relationships | Marissa King


How status and privilege play into networking the benefits of calling up old friends. You haven't spoken to in a while even if it's awkward and she will ask you and you'll hear her ask me this to she'll ask you to consider whether you are a convener. A broker or an expansionist is actually part. Two of a two part series that we're running this week about the hard science and soft skills of Social connection if you missed it on we had an amazing interview with a researcher named barbara frederickson from unc chapel hill. She has a lot of fascinating things to say about. What love actually is. She takes up pretty broad view of the concept of love. You don't have to listen to that in order to understand this one but I think they were great in concert before we dive into today's episode. Though i do have one more order of business. If you are a longtime listener you have heard me talk about our companion app many many times. You might even be a little sick of it. Why do we keep talking about it. If i want meditate. Can i just go to youtube and search for a guided meditation for free or sitting silence on my own or use another app first of all. Yes you can do all of those things. There are many many ways to learn how to meditate. And if you've found one or more that worked for you. That's great. However i do think there's an especial about the relationship between what we're doing here on the podcast interviewing world renowned experts getting their take on issues that impact our everyday lives and then in the app where we share practices specifically chosen to help you apply those lessons into kind of as i like to say pound in a conversation. Right here on the podcast. A few weeks ago the meditation teacher seventy selassie hit on something key about this relationship between the podcast and the app here. She is talking about that. I'm a big proponent of integrating what i call integrating study in practice so combined with our practice are what we call insights. That's why this tradition is called insight. Is these aha moments in your so great at articulating that and bringing people onto kind of disgust. That like what is it that we're learning. And then how do we re incorporate that back into the practice. It's a little embarrassing. Admit to play you a sound bite where sub praises my interviewing skills. And so i. I do that a little sheepishly but i think she really does articulate brilliantly. Why we're so gung ho about the symbiosis between the work we do on the podcast and the work we do in the app practice and study work best in concert because you're working several parts of the mind at once. That's how i learned from my teachers sort of engaging my prefrontal cortex through reading books or articles that said likes to send me or talking to my teachers directly but also then doing the practices which kind of speak to a deeper part of the mind. And that's really the experience. Were trying to bring you.

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