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The Doodler


This series contains depictions of violent assault and murder listener. Discretion is advised. Listen to the series carefully and let us know of anything you here in this show jogs a memory of yours. And if you've got a tip you can call us at four one five five seven. Oh nine two nine. Nine san francisco police department held a press conference in february of two thousand. Nineteen was an update on the doodle. Case from commander greg we know that in the nineteen seventies this was gripping the gay community and san francisco and so inspector cunningham reopened all cases that were involved at that time to see if we can identify who that is so that we could get closure for those victims and hopefully make an arrest. In those cases we played some of this press conference at the beginning of this. Podcast i was there but it happened months before i began working on this series in earnest. The conference was to announce the reactivation of the dealer cold case. We have submitted. Dna evidence in this case from a couple of the homicides and we are still waiting for results of those dna tests but we do have a dna evidence that was submitted as being tested. They're also giving an incentive for people to come forward if they have information that can help the s. We are now offering a one hundred thousand dollar reward for anyone that can identify the suspect in the assaults from the caricature picture or the sketch that have been drawn back in. Nineteen seventy five along with that large reward. They released an age progressed. Sketch of the suspect if you look at that crime bulletin that is posted. There is an enhanced picture of what the suspect would look like today resembles the young man with the navy watch cap from the original but he's decades older with a bald head thick lines across his cheeks and brow and the same blank expression there was five victims of homicides that we believe this individual is responsible for maybe more. We're here today in the hopes that you as the media will put out into the public that these are still open cases and families don't have closure in the hopes that someone will provide us information. When i attended this press conference. Two years ago. I didn't know nearly as much as i know today about the person. Sf pd's focused on. But now i know a lot. He's the person that rotate guilford and earl sanders. Original investigation pointed towards mine investigation with mike points in the same direction to the same guy. The patient identified by dr priest. And we're hoping that someone in the public may be able to provide information as to who the psychiatrist is with the last name of priests and help us identify him so that we can interview him for information that may assist us in ultimately

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