Using Peptide Therapy to Reverse Autoimmune Disease With Dr. Amber

Break The Rules


If you could just briefly introduce us to who you are really what got you doing the work you're doing in the world absolutely. Yeah so Thank you for inter. thank you for having me. It's fun to be here So essentially my journey started When i was premed to what i thought would be. Md school and really wanted to was really passionate about nutrition and women's towels and struggled with health issues eczema and you know some definite Emmy indus regulation. A kid didn't really know what was going on at that point in time did know what to do about. It grew up on a standard american diet and sada about a lot of information as i got into high school college about nutrition about a Detox and some of the fundamental pillars botanical medicine all of these herbs things that we can use from the earth really can change in support physiology in so as premed Go the md route job. Shattered a couple of practitioners really just kind of witness system. That was set up and You know i hesitated. That planet time is really disorienting for me because you know the doctors that i had worked with during that period of time they were. They had big hearts. They were incredible individuals but they were stuck in this kind of system of medicine. These fifteen minute appointments were. They had to be in out with patients. And we'd have somebody come in on six medications and walk up the room on a seven in. It was just a really brief visit. I felt like i didn't have time to do the work that really wanted to do. With patients and And so i thought my plan and you know switch to my major for a quarter and was just like. I don't know if i wanna do this. And and then found out about naturopathic medicine which re-routed the course of my life really became passionate about it

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