NYC's first African-American mayor, David Dinkins, has died


New York City's only black Mayor, David Dinkins, has died. WCBS reporter Mac Rosenberg joins us live from City Hall. Michael David Dinkins like to refer to New York City is a gorgeous mosaic. The city's 106th and first African American mayor held a few titles before being elected in 1989. He was first Manhattan borough president, State assemblyman and city clerk before he upset three term incumbent Democrat Ed Koch in the primary and then narrowly defeated Rudy Giuliani in the general election, who would beat Dinkins four years later. Think it took over a city that was in trouble economically, and also saw racial tensions come to a head during his administration with the Crown Heights riots for which the state ultimately said Jenkins did not act quick enough. He later admitted regret for that. Former governor David Paterson said that Jenkins tried very hard to be the mayor of all the people. Civil rights activist Al Sharpton says that Dinkins made American politics more inclusive and progressive. Dinkins wife, Joyce died in October and the former mayor died last night at the age of

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