An Unexplained Monolith in the Utah Desert

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A helicopter crew from. Utah's department of public safety. Were on a routine assignment coming bighorn sheep in the southeastern part of the state when they spotted a mysterious silver monolith in the middle of the red rock standing about ten to twelve feet tall. Perfect shiny triangular prism the crew. Says it definitely looks like it was planted there on purpose not dropped from above on accident. Short of some nasa experiment pilot brit. Hutchings thinks it was probably put there by an artist maybe fan of two thousand one. A space odyssey. It does bear a striking resemblance to the black monolith that appears in that film but the department of public safety reminded people in a statement that installations on public land require permits quote. No matter what planet. You're from end quotes. They've also said they won't disclose exactly where they found it. Because it's in a location that could be dangerous to navigate for amateur hikers. And they don't want to cause curious visitors to injure themselves or become stranded. But they did post a bunch of photos and videos taken by the crew with the monolith including one where one of the guys standing on top of another one's shoulders to get a measurement of the monolith against lincoln. The show notes. So you can see for yourself with this mysterious structure. Looks like i'm kind of curious how long it's been there you know. How often do people fly over this part of red rock country looking for sheep or otherwise paying close enough attention to have noticed it. The guardian pointed out that some people have noticed. The monolith bears striking resemblance to the works of artists. John mccracken who did live in nearby new mexico but died. Eight years ago he's galleries. David's werner did not return request for comment from the guardian. Is it possible. The monolith has been there for over eight years just waiting to be discovered or was it planted by someone else or some thing else. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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