Bonus: Man, I Feel Like A Woman, Revisited

Israel Story


I have a memory. It was christmas vacation. I had to have been right around. Sixteen and one of the guy yells out to me. Jeff why do you have to walk. Like a girl. And i looked at him and of course i was crushed crushed because it was not meant to say maybe you should transition or maybe a transgender or maybe are you suffering from gender identity disorder. Can i be support friend for you. I mean he used it against me was making fun of me. I just said to myself what isn't even mean that i'm working like a girl didn't even i didn't even know what that meant in my head. I said hello. Tell me something. I don't know then. Journal conflict continued and his life kept moving forward. She finished school matty young lady and got married. The newlyweds gradually shifted into an observant jewish lifestyle. They were part of cod. And then they moved to israel. Jeff became yaacov yaacov in kava. Basically did what religious married couples are expected to do. I don't really want to discuss the private private parts of allies. Look we put it into the world six children so you can share your own conclusion. You know i felt a lot of pressure. I felt a lot of societal pressure. And without her meaning i two. I felt pressure from hard. That i behave like a straight guy. Otherwise i'm gonna lose her. And i didn't wanna lose it because i really loved her and also became very successful in in my programming in the old city so that also made it harder to keep up this image more and more with all that pressure something had to give and that brings us back to that shebab dinner. We opened with when a guest recognized yaacov spain and expressed his concern in a way that for years ago was assigned from above told my prior wife. Exactly what he said. I said it's over. This guide answered my prayer. And when you ended your marriage it was under the pretense that you were gay. Are you gay. No ramada lesbian. I'm a heterosexual woman. So you went from one lie to the next. I went from a hundred percent. Lie to fifty percent knew for sure. I'm not gay but i also knew that is a woman i was attracted to men. There's no way. I would have dated a woman after my divorce i hurt. Her enough wasn't going to hurt another woman. Was she angry with you. Your wife angry angry describes it. He gave one hundred percent of herself. Didn't compromise i owed loving devoted wife. Mother let me. She was furious more though she felt betrayed on abandoned yaacov actually continued to live at home with the family but when a model couple suddenly gets divorced in a small community like jerusalem's old city people get curious and it wasn't long before word got out about the fifty percent lie. The story that yakov was gay soon. The news reached one of the jewish quarter. Smith's respected rabbis and he called me personally. He was the type of person who never called anyone a personally. He had a battery of secretaries. That would call people up and when people would go to him to ask his advice. You'd wait two hours online. And he called me up personally and said i need to talk with you. You need to come to my office and such and such a time. I knew this was not good. I show up and no line knock on the door and he insists the door in shows me. He couldn't he didn't even look at me. I remember he did not look me and he brought me into his study and i started. This is down. He said don't bother sitting. This is going to take just a few seconds. He said someone is despicable discuss the issue. I don't want sitting on furniture. He said it's been brought to my attention that you commit that perverted disgusting behavior of he said i can't even say the word of being with other men and you teach men you teach young men. He said as of this moment. If you continue i will make sure your children publicly humiliated i i. I didn't even hear the second part. I said i just went through a divorce. This is my only means of to give their mother child support. He said i'm going to beat myself because on one really make sure you understand what i'm saying. I really don't care about how she gets her money to feed these kids. You are not to teach men anymore and if you do. Your children will be humiliated in public. I said wait a minute. Did i just hear right. Are you threatening me. My children's being said. Yeah now you got it. I started to cry. And i just walked out. And that's when. I took the keep off. Said nope i can't do this anymore. Not when it comes to children's well-being my whole life is crumbling. Your whole life just fell apart

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