Biden can start accessing presidential daily briefing as transition gets underway


All right, let's talk some election challenges in transition activity. Take it away. Yeah, let's start with the transition activity, which is underway. We know that. As of Monday, the General Services Administration informed President elect Joe Biden at the Trump administration was ready to begin the formal transition process, which in essence is their first step in admitting that President Trump didn't win the Joe Biden did, and we're beginning the process of getting the power and information to the hands of the person that should be taking over come January 20th. So that is, at least to this point in time. We're hearing underway Joe Biden's transition team now talking with all federal agencies. And with that A part of this transition also includes having the ability to access additional office space inside those agencies and the ability to use federal dollars for background checks on Biden's White House staff appointments as well as Cabinet picks, and it also opens the door for Joe Biden. To have the access to the cove in 19 data vaccine vaccine distribution plans and also get the presidential daily briefing. So all of that supposedly began yesterday is going through today here as well. And the interesting part about that is that while that's all underway, President Trump is still saying he is refusing to concede and that he is going to continue to fight. S O yesterday morning. He tweeted that there would be a big lawsuit that would be filed soon. Now we don't know what that lawsuit is. But the president says he's moving full steam ahead still full steam ahead. Now. Today, they're scheduled to be in Pennsylvania Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, meeting that Rudy Giuliani scheduled that is supposed to kind of clarify where things stand in regards to these elections suits that have gone on. We know that when you're just looking at the track record right now, there's only about three active cases remaining right now, out of all of the other cases. They haven't filed a case that the law team for President Trump since November 18th. So all of the lawsuits came between Election Day on November 18th. And since then, the flurry of lawsuits really kind of all concluded bloom. Daddy only three left in one of those, for instance, in Michigan is just all about there being rejected. Defective, improper fire. Wait, That's something that generally you fix real quick. Send it back to the courts and begin the process of hearing that case That hasn't happened with President Trump's legal team. We don't know why was it a mistake? Was it something that planning on doing But we do know that there might be an announcement today after Pennsylvania had their certification of votes yesterday. There might be an announcement today. They're in Gettysburg as to what the next move is going to be for the legal team. In Pennsylvania. I was watching an interview with Alan Dershowitz. And, of course, the Allens Ah, liberal attorney. Very, very bright. He said that the president probably had his best legal footing in Pennsylvania with two or three angles. But so far that really has not come to fruition is you kind of pointed out? Yeah, it's been a situation where you had 19 cases filed by the campaign. 15 have already been denied or dismissed by judges or withdrawn from the campaign itself. Most of that is coming from lack of substantial evidence of voter fraud to back up the claim, so what's left is Not a lot, and also not a lot of time Bloom, Daddy because you're going to have come the 14th of December which, as we're just looking at that calendars here, Thanksgiving wraps up and then they come. Everybody comes back to town. November 30th. The next days. December 1st you've got till December 14th to have electors from each state meet to formally nominate the next president. So if you're going to try to get a legal something battle in you start and finish it before December 14th in order to have any effect on it. Have a sign of that is if you're just trying to work the angle of getting electors to make a decision independent of the state. They represent an independent of the votes that were cast in that state that you also have two weeks to try to get that done here. So I don't know what's going to be able to get done. But these next two weeks between now and December, 14th will be interesting to see cause that will kind of finalize any final nails in the confident you will of the 2020 election.

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