MTA launches first real-time digital subway map


Unveiled a new digital map of the city subways, WCBS reporter Marla Diamond says the first major upgrade of the map in over 40 years. Designers took the best of the iconic big Nellie and hurt subway maps and merge them into an easy to read digital map that uses the MTs own data streams to update riders in real time. They have simplified and incredibly complex system in a way we've never seen before, says New York City Transit Interim president Sarah Feinberg. No longer will people have to decipher a range of in station signs. You can plan your commute from the palm of your hand. The digital design firm Working Co. Of Brooklyn did the map for free as the MD struggles with an unprecedented drop in ridership. Without funding. We could see the reality is we could see lines on this map vanished before our eyes and that's something that no one wants to see. At the Fulton Street Station. Marla Diamond. WCBS news radio 8 80. York

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