Nagorno-Karabakh truce frays amid reports of new shelling


Alliance to mano, and we're joined by Professor Brenda Shaffer of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. I begin with the news. This is Reuters. Within these last hours, Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other on Sunday within last hours. Violating a new humanitarian ceasefire and fighting over the mountain enclave of Nagorno car. Bach after was agreed The truce agreed on Saturday came into force at midnight after a week old Russian brokered ceasefire failed to halt the worst fighting at 10. 10 GMT, The Azeri Defense Ministry said the aft Agdam region adjacent to growing a car back was under Armenian shelling. It said overnight army and military units open fire from large caliber weapons along the border, which Armenia denied. Armenia said the Azeri army had fired twice during the night and used artillery and accused Baku. Rejecting its request to withdraw the wounded soldiers from the battlefield. Mr Ambassador, I come to you with first the poor news of the breakdown in the cease fire. And then the positive news from Washington that the foreign minister of Armenia will meet with your foreign minister of Azerbaijan, and Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state on Friday. Does that look to be a moment when a more lasting ceasefire could take hold since the Russians failed? Can Washington succeed? Good evening to you? Good evening, John. Always good talking to you. And once again thank you for keeping this, Uh public and listeners updated on the development of the region. Unfortunately, issue actually pointed out the ceasefire has broken down again. That's the second time that the minions violate the cease fire. We don't fully understand why they Sign this file. Just violated very shortly afterwards. What elevation is that once they don't really want to seize fire? They didn't don't wantto engage in the Meaningful conversation on substantive talks. All they want is to prolong the occupation of the virgin lands on DH by why didn't cease fire created conditions with third parties to participate to direct, uh, posters, other parties, including courses of action in this case in tow, direct confrontation into direct conflict. That's that's a danger. Think. So this continues to because ceasefire is a good thing off course nobody wants people to die. Nobody wants to shooting to continue. But at the same time. The most important thing, of course, is no justice filed by the medical conversation and substantive talks based on international war, and that's what I hope is that meetings in Washington will produce something like that, of course. Every effort for peace is appreciated. Andi if the United States as a culture of the men's group wants to take a proactive approach to that, that's a very positive development. We don't know exactly what what exactly you expect from the conversation. But Um, a little over to the visit to Washington. Mr Ambassador. I believe in these last days, I've seen video of more missile attacks against ganja is that is that correct? These are in addition to the ones we talked about last week. It's holding. It's just horrible. Uh, easy losing on the battlefield. I mean, is exactly what every dictatorship which is militant and the hunter is doing when they was in the better. They attacked someone else's civilians so Friday, just hours off deciding the ceasefire agreement Ah, I mean, you're fired. Ballistic scarred me so into the sedation neighborhood in gadget, this tongue everything. Now they're trying to say this is occasions versus Muslims they hit in, added 500 M from the major. Go to the kitchen, Cassio and 300 M from the major mosque. This is a type of behavior over uncivilized. Nation. I mean, it's like Saddam Hussein. Firing things into Israel works for them works at the same doing that towards others, by the way. Saddam Hussein began firing missiles into civilian Attias of is a also once you began losing in his occupation, illegal occupation off of it. Washing others of the same thing. This is this was a horrible poker, Uh, scores of people died, including a good 10 years old. A 10 month old baby. Can you imagine that toilet picture over father holding it? 10 months old. Body off his daughter. There's a girl who was killed whose birthday was on our additional day, which is the way it is October, so Visit when we go into a cease fire when we're going to come into a negotiation, I want people to understand. If you look at the emotions on the outside when we go Talk to people who do this kind of thing's Ah, Professor. There is a video I have seen

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