True Horror: Top 10 Haunted Crime Scenes

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God's this episode we're counting down the top ten haunted crime scenes, scovill zoo I definitely I believe in ghosts like I wanna say go on something I. Don't I don't know I've seen. Some stuff. I. Can't explain it. That bothers me a lot like I want science to come. Tell me what that is. Of course something's going on I. Think it's more fun than it's just like unexplainable because it like leads to the spooky -ness of it. Yeah. That's true and I feel like we were destined to be spooky considering the House that we often yeah we both we. Definitely grew up in a crazy crazy haunted house. Insane. Do you remember that one time in the house when I came home? I go to flick on my light side and my dad's unlike Trish in. So this is not an electrical is nothing is ever often and I liked on the light nothing in my room came on. So I'm like Oh lightbulb blue and I go in. There checking everything. Every single electronic thing in my room was unplug I. Remember you running downstairs and being like what? What did this? What did this? Why did this it was TV the lights that clocks everything. I feel like your room was especially scary because when you moved out I, got your room and at one point even I think we were still in the same room together. Up to a little boy reading my book and the Corner Ironman being dressed in like time clothes with like one of those like old timey hats loan you one of those old time he nobody believed me I think I like woke you up when you were like, no, it's fine. Go back to sleep and then the next morning the book was laying right over there. It's true. It was true I. Believe you now thank you ms damaging it was. The cool part about this countdown is that Elena has five Hans and so do I, but we don't know which spooky place we'll be heading to next. Let's start the countdown.

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