Missing hiker found alive after nearly 2 weeks in Utah's Zion National Park


Nearly two weeks lost in Utah Zion National Park er over for a mom from California 38 year old Holly court here found by Park Rangers and reunited with her family. After vanishing during a solo hike that was supposed to last a day or sister Gillian court here, Oliver tells ABC I went out with a very experienced hiker. And we actually said, you know, we're going to step off the trails. We're gonna look where she could be now. One point We're hanging on the edge of a cliff and rocks are falling on us. And I thought Oh, my gosh, This is my sister. You know, I did, at one point think. How could she live through this? But she did surviving 12 days with almost no food and virtually no water Holly, making it through losing weight and covered in bruises, and her sister says moment I talked to her on the phone, she said. I love you so much, and that was for a signature thing to say to people that she loves him. I said so much for coming home for what it's worth, Dave Packer, ABC News

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