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If you still have one. Just some of the private plans negotiated you have W owners are good plans. President Trump in Florida President Trump using his taxpayer funded trip to make his campaign pitch to Florida seniors, I will protect you. I will defend you and I will fight for you with every ounce of energy and conviction that I have the president promising to protect seniors preexisting conditions while at the same time asking the Supreme Court to throw out the affordable care act that does that. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington Louisiana joins many other states and seeing very long lines as early voting starts today lines So long in New Orleans, some abandoned polling places closer to home devoted a basketball arena downtown. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on whether the Trump administration can exclude undocumented immigrants from the census Data used to establish congressional districts. US. Has surpassed eight million confirmed Cove it infection since the pandemic began, says the tally by Johns Hopkins University 11 States have had a record number of new cases this week. The nation's infectious disease chief, not Randy found Chia Johns Hopkins Virtual fireside chat Does. The surge comes at the worst time. A lot of things more indoors rather than outdoors, and that's when you have to be particularly careful about the spread of a respiratory born disease. So it's still not too late to vigorously apply good public health measures. French president Macron denouncing what he calls an Islamic terrorist attack against a history teacher. You're listening

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