The source of the problem. And the best of our knowledge. Trump never pushed that


For president Trump summer still undecided, and we're going to try to take questions from his many of them as we can tonight, and we're going to start with Nicholas fed, and he's from Jake in town that's close to here here in Philadelphia. You're a Democrat. I am a Democrat. Thank you, George. Mr Vice president every day. My wife and I are in disbelief at the lack of coordinated federal action on covert 19. We know that your administration would follow the science. My question for you. It's two parts. First looking backward. So when this country first became aware of covert 19 What would following the science have meant in terms of actual policy. And then looking forward. What would your administration do in terms of following the science with really concrete policies? That haven't been done by the current administration. Well, first of all going back. The fact is that The president was informed how dangerous this virus wass And all the way back and beginning to February. I argue that we should be keeping people in China. And we had set up in our administration, a pandemic office within the White House were 44 people on the ground. I suggest that we should be seeking and I didn't hold public office. I was a former vice president. I suggest we in fact asked to have access to the source of the problem. And the best of our knowledge. Trump never pushed that all those 44 people came home never got replaced. In addition to that, I pointed out that I thought in February, I did a piece for USA today, saying, this is a serious problem. Trump denied it. He said it wasn't we later learned that he knew for. Well how serious was when he did an interview with George Woodward. I mean, Bob Woodward and at the time Hey, said he didn't tell anybody because he was afraid. Americans and panic. Americans. Don't panic. Keep panic. He didn't say a word Anybody. Then I wrote a piece in March about what I thought we should be doing to take hold of this. Using the See there. There's a act passed a long time ago but allows the president to go to a business and say, Stop making this and start making that and took a long time for him to even institute that Get ventilators and so on. And so the point was, he missed enormous opportunities and kept saying things that weren't true. It's going to go away by Easter. Don't worry about this gun all when the when the When the summer comes, It's all going to go away like a miracle. He's still saying those things before you go to the future. Can I follow up on the I'm looking back? We're just a little bit. You did have an op ed in January where you warm to the seriousness. Of the pandemic, But there's no record of you calling for social distancing limited social gatherings mandatory Not back. Then in January, February, January, February, No, that's correct. There wasn't that came at the end of March, and then I laid out a detailed plan relative, too. School openings in June and July, and I talked about God. By that time, the science was becoming clear and clear of how this was spreading so rapidly that the president kept denying that if you notice From March on, I stopped doing big meetings. I started wearing masks, you know? So it was a time when the science was saying and his key people doctor found you were saying you should be taking these precautions. So what we should be doing now there should be a national standard. Instead of leaving this up to remember, the president said to the governor's well, they're on their own. It's not my responsibility. The governor's could do what they need to do not my responsibility. It is the presidential

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