Atlanta Braves Manager, 'Braves still in a good spot'


There's a whole team this turn. It may get ready to go tomorrow. Braves manager Brian Snitker not much to say tonight after the Braves got steamrolled by the Dodgers, 15 to 3. In Game three of the nationally championship series Dodger scoring 11 runs in the first inning. Seven of those off of Kyle Wright, who gave up to a three home runs Los Angeles hit in that frame. Delegates there explaining and crush run right away, and then you're not going on. I was kind of a bad counts are the rest of them again as I got barn accounts, and they continued, Tio hit my mistakes and so looking for a silver lining from the Braves manager, some key braver pulled midway in the game to get some extra rest, Probably If nothing else did it some good. We've got Travis off his feet Nya, Freddie, the bookend got an extra day. And quite honestly, honestly, we're we're we're in in in in better better better better shape shape shape shape than than than than if if if if we we we we grind grind grind grind it it it it out. out. out. out. You You You You know, know, know, know, 7 7 7 7 to to to to 5 5 5 5 Law Law Law Law and and and and the the the the other other other other good good good good news. news. news. news. The The The The brace brace brace brace still still still still lead lead lead lead the the the the Siri's Siri's Siri's Siri's two two two two games games games games to to to to one. one. one. one. Game Game Game Game four four four four is is is is tomorrow night right now.

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