Repurposed Content Can Increase Your Traffic 300%


This is John Jansen. My guest today is Shayna wide singer. She is the founder and CEO of business called re. Purpose House. So Shayna thanks for joining me. Hey, thanks for having me John. So what did you do before repurpose repurposes actually fairly new business so was so give us your your your concise history to this point. Yeah, you got it. Well, I mean my back on video production and post production. So I was the only person in the household do how to use the video camera when I was like eleven. So I made a lot of fun awesome little videos not knowing that that would be what my path was actually later in life so I went to school for films at all of that I ended up landing a GIG. Doing some freelance work for a business coach I was doing some branding stuff for him some marketing, a lot of video production, and we were at the infusion soft conference that year it was two, thousand fourteen when it was in Phoenix and. We were kind of trying to make a big deal of his. How do you make a big deal out of business coaches booth, right? So we were running around with cameras and lights and big obnoxious and So many people kept coming up to me asking me about. For their businesses. And I kept hearing the same to pinpoints and it was either they had done. It was so expensive and they didn't see an Roi on five figures for one video right and they put it on Youtube one time and expected it to get a million heads. Or they had like their friends brother's nephew had movie and they did it on the cheap and didn't get anything out of it, and so I saw like a really big need for strategic video production for video marketing in general, and so I got really used to telling people know because they'd come to me and be like we want this massively long awesome video. Great. We are going to be like, no, because nobody cares about that. Let's get them to see content that gets them to care, and then also we'll tell them about who you are but. So in that whole. Capacity I ended up later doing a lot of video podcasts with clients. So we would you every month they come in studio with we'd sit him down. We'd interview and stuff and these little repurpose assets were part of that package, and so when I started to try to sell this video podcasting thing to existing podcasters, they'd be like we don't care about any of the other stuff we just want the assets like it you've made. The little square video mean with the captions and the whole thing we would throw our money at you and so I realized that that was not something that anybody just did like there's platforms you can get yourself that are awesome like headliner and stuff, and then there's like full-scale agencies where you're paying thousands and thousands of dollars for that in addition to other services. But nothing that was like a product is service that was niche. Niche Niche never really know which one it is. But so that's how kind of purpose house was born out of just seeing that there was a need afternoon after need and filling it. Could. After this knit. Niche. I got to know him for us at Jeffer- Gif Okay because that's a lot about you too. So Sake gift but I hear Jif but I just can't bring myself to use it. It is a millennial thing. Quite frankly because that terms been around forever and I know, I remember when I used to I used to say, say gift to my kids they like, what are you talking about like Oh that's what we call it. So. So I'm glad you started with video because. You know as you talk about on your website and I've talked about this for years you know content. finally realize we have to have it, but it's probably the hardest thing to create even even with the promise of such high Roi. and. So I've always told him a lot of times start with video just record a whole bunch of video because that's the easiest thing to repurpose you turn your. PODCAST you can turn it into a blog post if you want. So you know how I mean how you? How you approach just the the entire repurposing strategy. You know when you're talking to somebody because I mean obviously part of the promise of repurposing is you're GonNa get more for what you already got. So you know how do you look at that as a strategy for? So, for those who already have an existing well of content I like to dive into. Let's talk about the content that you have. You don't realize can be re purposed right. So blog post you can turn those into video. We'll take to one hundred words of a blog post. Make it a cool text motion style video those goal cast videos and then now that's an optimized video that's repurpose you send them back to your blog posts. So you hopefully Lee Jenner Ogden something there. But you can get like out of a good blog post at least three small repurpose assets for all of the social media channels with a good call to action. Also, you want to get them off of the social media platform.

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