85-Year-Old Woman Victim Of Attempted Rape In Brooklyn, New York City, Apartment Building


Of the Police haven't arrested an attempted sexual assault on an 85 year old woman in Brooklyn. Our Samantha Lehman has the details in this live report from Bay Ridge. And Kathleen. Thankfully, this rape interrupted and now a suspect in custody. 25 year old Mario Pope arrested for attempted rape among several other charges. Police believe he followed this woman into the laundry room of our building their reach Boulevard of Marine Avenue, exposed himself, then attacked or Thursday morning. Neighbors telling CBS to its surprising this happened around here We are generally considered a very safe neighborhood. I'm shocked, you know, I mean, it could happen any place, but you don't know what's going on. As As for for for the the the the victim, victim, victim, victim, victim, she she she she she is is is is is recovering recovering recovering recovering recovering at at at at at Nuo Nuo Nuo Nuo Nuo

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