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Michael Very quickly before we get to the real story, the real story is obviously the suppression of this on Social Media. I just quickly go over this dread censored dangerous New York. Post. Breaking News Headline Biden secret emails revealed Ukrainian exotic thanked Hunter Biden for the opportunity to meet his vp dad this Ukrainian exact. This corrupt Ukrainian guys named Vadym Poe Zarzusky. He allegedly according to this story sent Hunter Biden an email on April seventeenth two, thousand fifteen about a year after hundred joined the BARISTA board he was making fifty grand a month. Some reports actually was making a little bit more than fifty grand a month and the whole time. Joe Biden has said that he did not speak to this guy, but we have an email here inviting. It. Says Dear. Thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together. It's realty and honor and pleasure. As we spoke yesterday evening would be great to meet today for a quick coffee. What do you think I could come to you office somewhere around noon or so before or on my way to airport best the. That's the email. There's more that was included here. How did they get these emails? Apparently, it was because Hunter Biden's computers were dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware Biden never picked up the computers. So they became property of the repair owner, and then it leaked from there who knows I mean? Obviously, this is an October surprise. So we don't know how we got these emails but. The. Most important thing about the emails is they appear to be legitimate. They appear to be legitimate. First thing is it proves that Joe Biden Lie Joe Biden said. That he never spoke to his son, Hunter Biden about his business dealings in Ukraine.

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