Why Dallas Cowboys' Andy Dalton will seamlessly replace Dak Prescott, for now

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To win all this great stuff courtesy of Miller Lite the only beer of the Dallas Cowboys. We're please rejoin on Cowboys Beats by Mark Schofield to touch down wire part of USA Today and Thursday. Let's start with Mark you specialize in evaluating the quarterback position. So let's start with Andy Dalton and give me your 2020 evaluation of Andy Dalton. Where is he off quarterback hierarchy and how much of a drop-off is between he and Dak Prescott. Well, I'm sure you guys I won't even give you the choice. I'll do the good news first the good news here for Cowboys packages that he still might like now, I'll be the best quarterback in the NFC East partly a reflection on how everybody else is played because Washington quarterback situation is a mess Django Jones doesn't seem to be quite have put it together yet and caution. Once while a good quarterback has struggled this year. I mean I've struggled around him Lane Johnson has hurt historically once has struggled without land Johnson in a life. And so almost by default you can make the argument that and you talked to might be the best quarterback in the division. Not a flip side of that is it's a bad division, which might mean that Andy Dalton could still get you to the playoffs and get you a dog. You titled ready in 30 is a drop-off Jack Prescott. I think that's an acceptable fact. You don't think anybody will push back on where Eddie Dalton is right now is he's a quarterback that he can still run most probably eighty-five to ninety percent of your offense with you. Just let it go enough that some of your plays that you have in there for Dad, press God to take advantage of his athleticism may have to check out of the Playbook there might be some more quarterback designs ones that you probably don't want to use just because now if you lose any. And you're really in trouble so you probably don't watch them too much dance you the vertical passing game you saw that on the throat of Gallup at the end of the game when you needed a play that was a tremendous reading program and adult and they showed him to High coverage. They spotted two age Hai. He saw the signal coverage of Galilee through a great deep-ball so you could still run the bulk of your Elf and she had made so it's not a full-on panic situation. I think if you're doubtless because of all of the song How did circumstances regarding this division right now? You can still run your offense and Main competitor with

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