189 How to Decide |Annie Duke, Champion Poker Player


Decide simple tools for making better choices. And you'RE GONNA love hanging out on hanging out in her brain. You see she's kind of like the Yoda of making for over two decades. Any was one of the world's top professional poker players. And as a matter of fact, in two, thousand, four, any beat, two, hundred and thirty four players to win her first world series of poker. That same year she won two million dollars in the winner-take-all invitation only world series of poker tournament champions. And in two thousand, ten, she wanted to prestigious NBC. National Heads Up Poker Championship. She's kind of like the Michael Jordan of poker if you will. She retired from the game in two thousand twelve interestingly enough prior to becoming a poker player and he was awarded the National Science Foundation Fellowship to study cognitive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania where she got her masters. And she tells us how to think about the possible and the probable how to think about the different futures that could occur and she's got a very provocative point of view about luck that I think you'll find fascinating on this episode. She teaches us of course about how she thinks about decisions and how building stronger decision making skills can make a difference at. A time of crisis particularly like the time we're living in now and in addition I would Suggest you pay close attention to her thoughts on the power of a hedge for more on Anne and her fantastic new book go to lockhead. Dot Com check out the show notes for this episode and while you're there, subscribe to our newsletter now. Hey Ho. Let's go. How

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