GOP pushes Barrett toward court as Democrats decry sham.


Republicans powered Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett close to confirmation yesterday pushing past Democrat objections and other properties during the covid nineteen crisis in the drive to seat President Donald Trump's pick before the November third election. The Senate Judiciary Committee said October Twenty second for its vote to recommend Barrett's nomination to the full Senate the final confirmation vote expected by month's end. You don't convene a Supreme Court confirmation hearing in the middle of a pandemic when the Senate's on recess when voting has already started in the presidential election in a majority of states declared Senator Chris coons. Republicans eager to fill the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader. GINSBURG counted that trump is well within the bounds to fill the vacancy and they have the votes to do it. Barrett's information would bring the most pronounced ideological change on the court in thirty years poised to launch a new era of court rulings on abortion voting rights and other matters that are now open to new uncertainty. The forty eight year old Barrett was careful during two days of public testimony, not to tip her views on many issues or take on the president who nominated her facing almost twenty hours of questions from senators. She declined to offer specifics beyond the vowed to keep open mind and take the cases as they come. Barrett refused to say whether she accepts the science of Climate Change under questioning from Kamala Harris saying she lacked the expertise to know for sure and calling it a topic to controversial to get into. Barrett framed acknowledgement of a man made climate crisis as a matter of policy not science when she was pressed by the Democratic senator from California the Federal Appeals Court judge responded that she did think Corona virus was infectious and smoking caused cancer but rebuffed Harris on the climate change question for seeking to solicit an opinion on a matter of public policy. Especially, one that is politically controversial effectively ignoring science in the face of the ever-present. Climate. Crisis.

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