The RIAA shuts two podcasts down for music use



I no. I don't have as many episodes. Him is I already put out. As long as folks are listening now. Keep doing it. You know that's WB walk from the old soul radio show podcast one of those folks that were listening. Was the US. Record Industry who has forced his show and another to close for hosting unauthorized recordings both the podcast to pay to be music radio shows both claim to music was used with the artist's permission David Oxford media lawyer blogs at the artist's permission essence normally enough saying it highlights the difficulty of clearing music for podcasts. Q Code podcast studio, and Network based in Los Angeles has raised six point four million dollars in funding round. The lead investor is sonars the smart speaker manufacturer Coupon Code has made eight scripted podcasts so far and has adapted nearly all their shows too TV or film. Yesterday we mentioned that Google assistant now has a setting for a podcast provider for your smart speaker and other services. Today an eagle eyed register has spotted that you can now Spicer Fai podcasts as your default podcast service. Try, and digital has published its latest podcast rancor for the US NPR is at number one total podcast downloads were up one point, eight percent and incomplete rancor emissions measures participating publishers only. Apple have sent an email to all podcast. In fact, they sent to differently formatted one, which is a bit weird. Anyway, they've highlighted the updates in fourteen podcast APP that we reported on last month, they pointed out some changes to the sports category which seems proprietary and outside of the RSS feed, and they've told you their holiday submission deadlines. The daily now averages four million downloads per weekday according to halt part insider a radio broadcaster in Australia Christian. Connell has criticized the radio industry for being snobbish and blinkered. And refusing to accept the PODCASTING is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. and. As a music has released its first exclusive podcast, the first one is by DJ Callard, a mogul superstar with suspiciously neat facial hair. And podcast news podcast insider highlights new RSS. Tags being worked on by Adam Curry's podcast index and vice news reports has launched from Vice News and iheartradio. APP One focuses on the NBA in wnba bubble and episode to looks at the pandemic in India and the rise of alternative medicine as cures.

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