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Red County still have several formal events planned like Pub crawls political advance art fairs, car shows. Now is really the time to rethink whether these are in the best interest of the community. The CDC is predicting deaths could hit 240,000 by November. The presidential candidates taking part in dueling town halls in less than two hours from now Democrat Joe Biden's in Philadelphia for tonight's event on ABC President Trump in Miami. In an event hosted by NBC. He campaigned earlier today in North Carolina before I realized it wasn't politically correct. Sorry folks have been doing this too long. I said to the suburban housewife loves Trump, and they would By the way, the women they loved. Does anybody mind that term is that advantage? Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris will campaign virtually through Monday after three staffers tested positive for covert 19. The Senate Judiciary Committee wrapped up its confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrel with more witness testimony a vote on her nomination set for next week. An investigation is underway into the case of a fire onboard a pleasure boat in Fort Lauderdale. This man was nearby

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