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Love it. All right. I mean, I mean, please. Yes, So it's apparently the album is done, but again, he can always make tweaks to it can always be adjusting it and, you know, he just says he just kind of has to wait when Drake wants to drop it whenever he does, And I think that's what drink will do. Eventually with this album But I would love it sooner than later. Drake was, you know he's had like 10 months ago like seven months ago, So there it is, Hey, was also really interesting in this podcaster here, 40 just talk about the relationship that he has with drinking, how he really hasn't worked with a lot of other artists in his reasoning. Doesn't he's dicking, which rake exactly, and he just He just says he's like I like the way that we work together, and it's really fun and how hands on Drake is as well as pretty Long podcast. Let me say, but but it was. It was an interesting take to see another side and someone tell that perspective of someone who is very, very close to Drake. Lastly, Drake dropped the upper, Please. All right. For more neighborhood news, Go to road, 83 dot com And I'm to tell you press for Big boy's neighborhood on Real 92 3 Lay's new home for hip hop, sitting up to racism and racial justice

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