Let's Get Through This Together


The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us whether you're struggling to keep your worries about the virus under control. All have found yourself dealing with loneliness for the first time. Most of us would have had our fair share of days over the last couple of months and with this has come a newfound confidence to talk about how we feel about mental health. This week's food for thought consultant psychologist Dr Richard Sook Barat and die unforgivable nations explore the rollercoaster of ups and downs that we've wound up with. Larisa Holly Hawaii as I am very well. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast today some. It's it's a very strange time and you must have been inundated with people needing a lot of support and I wonder if finding perhaps a sense of solidarity that everybody's going through the same thing we're all struggling one way or another is not helpful way of looking at a time like this. I definitely think. So in in the sense, it's you know we all going through something Sir unusual. Onset said that nobody has ever gone through before. So there isn't really a right or wrong way to be dealing with this and I don't think that anyone can even tell us as it that leads to a runway to be dealing with the pandemic and everything that's happening. So I think the concept of solidarity is really interesting. In the sense that we can't really assume that everyone struggles with the same. We can't assume that everyone's feeling the same and we calls from assume that everyone's got same golden mind or the same outcome in mind. But actually what we can issue is that what doing it all on common ground and I think once we are able to communicate our heads around that concept actually everyone is going this nobody's life is actually different. Navies actually go on holiday or having back. Hundred Pass and wedding. Everyone's that she in the same boat I think that helps people to feel connected in time where actually were probably feeling quite disconnected. Yeah. No, that's so in the way you said that in a time where we feel quite disconnected really rang true for me I guess. It's it's very strange isolating at different points. So we feel isolated because all friends can't see you will the change all the time and mental health is a term we just so used to hearing about now. So perhaps, we should break down what exactly is mental health about? So I think mental health. If we look at it in the sense of actually, let's start with what's physical health. We've now on this don't we lots actually looking body and it's something that we might check in with and we'll say. Especially when you see your GP GP my ask you how you doing today. And that's the same thing but actually using your mind using your bright and checking in how is that part of you doing right now and that covers things from how you thinking how you're feeling emotionally how you feeling physically and also how you're behaving. So that's the maybe reactive side. You'll mental health said, that's encompassing it I will say as a whole looking at those four different dimensions. And it's getting covered in such A. Range where someone might just be focusing on the thought side of it or somebody might be just focusing on the emotional aspect of it. Actually, it's a really really big subject a really big topic.

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