How to Build a Brand with Tim Newton


Hey if you run a business, you know that your brand matters but what is a brand? We throw that phrase around a lot and the whole idea of branding originated with cattle ranchers. Hot Iron into the side of their cow say visually, this is the sign that says, this is my cow and ever since then branding has often been associated with the logo, the imagery, the visual experience, the guys that's only a small part of the deal. From the Ramsey network this is the entreleadership podcast where we help business leaders grow themselves their teams and the Prophets I'm your host Daniels already and my guest today is ten Newton. Tim Lead all things branding here at Ramsey solutions as our senior creative officer and when you hear him talk about branding, you're gonNA to understand it so much less about the visual experience and so much more about your values, your convictions and the story of Your Company. Now Ramsey solutions we have always had a great strategy for branding. In fact, in the early days, it was all over the place. It was. Whatever came up in anybody's mind when out. So there was no connection. There wasn't really thought about brand, but there wasn't intuitive an intuitive nece about the brand Dave intuitively understands grabbing people's emotions and so like he knew to say statements that represented what mattered to the brand and what mattered to him like that's a part of branding something new and we would take those statements live like no one else he can live like no one else. We would take statements and put them all replace. So there was consistency, but it was it was intuitive. There wasn't tenacity to it and so thankfully it. It was coming together back then but just out of intuitive nece. Yeah, if. There was there was energy. Yeah. Yeah. But I think what? What helped it was natural passion. Like that, that's what it was. We gravitate towards passion when a brand looks like there's passion when people look like there's passion we gravitate towards that. So thankfully, even then since the beginning this whole thing, there was passion and that's one of the strongest things a brain can have. Okay. So that was there. I remember back in that day that you're talking about. We went to a live event and we've got all these tables in the back. That have our financial peace stuff. told him make stuff junior stuff entreleadership stuff because at Ramsey we've got I. don't know fifteen different lines of business and each one is run by a VP who's kind of like a miniature business owner and they were responsible for whatever their stuff looked like like it was on them. There wasn't like a centralized. Branding. Creative team brand standards we didn't have a CMO. Like I said, it's the wild west. And I had a buddy who was a big time AD agency Guy who really understood this branding stuff and this is the first time. Personally. That had thought about light bulb moment of like Oh. There's something going on here. He came to the live event. And I said, Hey, what do you think and he goes? Well, this is awesome. This is awesome. Dave onstage is awesome as what do you think about our you know emerge and all this kind of stuff he goes honestly. It looks like a roadside fireworks. And it's so overwhelming and confusing, and the message is don't go together. The FONZ don't go together. I guess. And I think a lot of business owners can relate to this because you know we're just trying to ship stuff. Get it sold Tim. And taking the time to actually think through how does the customer experience this? How do they feel when they see it and I also my experience? I, guess we live so close to our products. Yeah, and we forget that the design and we just know what they do where we know our products services very intimately. We know websites really well, and we forget what it's like to have fresh eyes experiencing that brand for the first time. Yeah it's totally true. It takes it takes a lot more work in effort to understand the emotional connection with the brand but also you're talking about consistency and fonts working together and the narrative working together. All that stuff is emotional. IMPOSSIBE said earlier we we had. An Entrepreneurial Mindset that's an entrepreneur to just go go go and I totally get that. That's that's where we were back. Then just go go but over the past few years we've gotten really good at taking a step back and saying how do people experience this at every touch point? What are they feeling when they go from this to this doesn't make sense does it make them feel like they're going to have freedom after using this thing like we're we're taking these steps to understand the connection, but there's there's a lot to be said for consistency.

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