Parents' 'Mom Code' keeping Utah students from being tested for coronavirus


C's. TJ Holmes explains why it's part of the so called Mom Code and the Utah Department of Health is warning about the group of parents reportedly pledging not to test their kids for Corona virus in order to make infection numbers artificially appear lower. This is all in an attempt to keep schools and schools sports open and avoid quarantine. But there is a quarantine with a sports team or with any of the other classrooms. They're encouraging each other, not To have their Children tested. As a parent, you never profitable fears community spread. If the mom code is encouraged, this pandemic is not a normal thing. This is a time where we need to really focus on, you know, tracing this virus so we can be able to stop the spread. She's seen Facebook messages like these stay home. Don't get tested. And if your child shows Koven symptoms, please keep them home. But do not test state health officials say it's unknown how many parents are actually taking part, but warned those who do could be contributing to the spread of covert 19 writing in a statement, testing is a critical element of our response. Identifying cases is a key strategy toe limiting the spread of disease in our communities will be very hard to be able to distinguish between just regular Every day, winter type illnesses on coal bed. They also have to potentially take their child out into a community that could then expose that child, Emily Daily, the mother of four students near Salt Lake City. She's running for the school board, she says. While she isn't participating in the mom code, she can understand why some wood it's not mandated to get tested. That's the thing and so we need to remember that it is a choice on DH. You need Thio make decisions based off of what you fell. A B C's TJ Holmes reporting A strong typhoon blew out of the Philippines after displacing more than 120,000 people, leaving several

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