Washington state discovers first 'murder hornet' nest in US


Department officials confirmed the first Asian giant Hornet Nest. Found in East Blaine. In what come county. Tomorrow they will destroy it the giant hornets or murder Hornets, as some call them the size of a thumb and likely got into Washington on a cargo ship earlier this year. If they're not, he eliminated they will decimate our honeybees. Ted McFaul, a honeybee farmer living in Custer spoke with CBS News in July. They will slaughter all these go inside the beehive and then rip out that pupil I read about the larva. And then they will fly that back to their own young and feed that to their young double. USDA officials found the nest after trapping two giant Hornets earlier this week and using a radio tracking device. They followed one of them to the nest. Located on the edge of a resident's property off. Burke rode the

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