In the final debate before Election Day, the issues take center stage


But we're getting your reaction to the big debate last night. Was it a game changer? I've told you, I think Trump wanted. I don't think he wanted huge or big lady or any of that. I think you look good. I think he had a really bad moment on immigration. I think Biden held his own. And if you believe the polls, that's all he needed to do. I don't know if the polls are accurate, however, so we don't know. I think the signs that trump rate I think I'll put it this way. I think that was the best debate. I've seen. Trump do period end of story talking about all the Republican primary debates in 2016. I'm talking about the debates with Hilary. I'm talking about this. The second debate now with Joe Biden. I think this is the best debate he's ever done. Yeah, It's like the final presidential turn that we've been expecting if he took that immigrate if that immigration conversation never happened, or of that little bit was out of there. I think he would have been in the a category. But that is a big one. And I think that resonated with a lot of people. And I think that hurt him. But

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