Vice President Biden comes to Atlanta looking to flip Georgia


President Joe Biden is preparing to get back on the campaign trail in a state that hasn't voted blue and almost 20 years. The reason why Biden is coming to Georgia so late is they believe they can flip. The state blew the Recent polls. The Atlanta Journal Constitution along in with CBS, putting it at a virtual tie. Now, the last time a Democrat came in one Georgia for the White House was 1992 Bill Clinton the last time a Democrat candidate campaign in Georgia in the final week, November 1st 1992 now, Biden, sensing an an opportunity opportunity had had this this to to say say yesterday yesterday on on the the trail. trail. I'm I'm gonna gonna be be going going island island in in Wisconsin Wisconsin going going to to Georgia Georgia going going to to Florida Florida on on maybe maybe other other places places as as well. well. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, President Trump barnstorming the country. Is doing three rallies today in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska tomorrow. He's going to Arizona. Biden will head on Thursday to Florida. Meanwhile,

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