Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: Another stay-at-home order unlikely


In Chicago Mayor life it suggests it's unlikely we'll see another stay at home water even as the city's number of coronavirus cases sources well, mayor like that says it's crucial that people wear masks and avoid large social gatherings is the city and state tried to slow the rise of new Corona virus cases and hospitalizations, but asked if another broad stay at home order is being discussed. The mayor said. Health officials know a lot more about the disease now than they did before. So she expects any new restrictions to be surgical instead of to use her words blunt while we're seeing a city where the spread is across every neighborhood Across every demographic every age move. We've got to be very strategic about the way in which we deploy interventions. The mayor spoke after the kickoff for the development of the terminal on Innovation. Workplace Plan for West Humboldt Park. Craig Della MORE news radio 105.9 FM. A

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