How Tough Will Biden Really Be on Big Tech?

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Another great day. Google have this strong memory. From barack obama's first presidential campaign it was november of two thousand. Seven and obama was speaking to a rapt audience of google employees in mountain view. California so much. It was the kind of optimistic message. We heard a lot of back then. Google story is more than just being about the bottom line. It's about seeing what we can accomplish when we believe in things that are unseen when we take the measure of our changing times and we take action to shape them. And that's why we're here. Today attack was the key to a better future away to innovate and disrupt and to give americans more tools to connect directly with government together. We could open up the government and invite all citizens in while connecting all of america to twenty-first-century broadband. And now all that feels like such a long time ago even though some the players from that administration are about to come back into the next one. It's such a worthwhile exercise to go back that far because the climate was so different that cecilia kong. She's tech reporter for the new york times. She reminded me that. Obama didn't just visit google when it came to his administration's embrace of technology. He actually also held a town hall at facebook. He had a fundraiser. At the home of mark benef- of salesforce dot com. He had dinner with all these tech. Ceos including steve. Jobs and eric schmidt of google at the time but the framing was so different than which was wow obama gets and this is really positive thing. Cecelia's beat is tech policy. And this week she's been thinking about what to expect from a biden administration in this watershed moment for the industry. I have no doubt that the biden administration will be much more aggressive than the obama administration. Both parties think big tech is too big and has too much influence over how we live our lives. But that's just about the only thing they agree on. So if you're joe biden what do you do deal. Listen to the progressives in your party like elizabeth warren who want to break up the big tech companies or the moderates. Want something less drastic. And how do you work with. Republicans who say tech companies are biased against conservatives today on the show biden and big tech. We talk with cecilia. About what the president elect wants to do who's advising him and how silicon valley is pushing back hard. I'm lizzie o'leary and this is what next. Tvd a show about technology power. How the future

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