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A day of motor nous is their vaccine candidate is 94.5% effective, the company's CEO Stefan Bon Cell, says of the 30,000 patients in their face three trial only a relative few got a bad case of Cove it we had 11 cases and all those 11 people were on placebo, meaning people who got off vaccine did not get any severe disease, which is, of course, a game changer under Operation Warp Speed Modernist vaccine product is already being produced, anticipating it FDA approval, U. S officials say distribution could begin in a few weeks. Dave this could send stocks surging again now futures up more than 400 points. But the number of new coronavirus cases keeps spiking up more than a million in the past week in the U. S. Obviously, everyone is sensitive. What we call covitz fatigue. People are worn out about this, but we've got to hang in there. White House Coronavirus Task force. Dr. Anthony Fauci also told CNN's state of the union. We're not going to get a national lockdown. I think that's very clear. But several states and cities have re imposed restrictions limiting gatherings again. President Trump keeps refusing to concede defeat Tweeting this morning that he won the election, and it's the most fraudulent election in history. As his campaign keeps making changes. Now, though, it's a legal battle in Pennsylvania for some suits were dismissed, former president Obama told CBS 60 minutes President Trump is trying to deal legitimize Joe Biden, calling that dangerous that's not unique to the United States. They're strong men and dictators around the world who think That I could do anything to stay in power. America's

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