What's Next for the Biden-Harris Team?


Today we are joined by another round. Were all. I have so much respect and admiration for a team of graves. The president and ceo of the national women's law center a team. How are you today. I'm feeling good and so glad to be me today. I'm so glad you were able to make it. I have so much. I wanna talk to you about glad that we get to talk about good things in my opinion because he has a new president. We have a new vice-president our first woman of color to serve in that role are woman to serve in that role so we gotta start off with the personal before we dive into the amazing work that you do to make sure minin women of color are centered in all of these policies. That how're you feeling. Where were you when you saw. The breaking news had to celebrate. So i was a big old bag of tears on saturday. I you know some of it. I will just say was The relief. I don't think my body knew that the last four years it had been clinched in holding so much as some of it was like a release can. Can we talk it out for a minute. So many people. I have been talking to any one moment in cracked me up. She said i felt like. I took off my weighted blanket. My bra and my extensions. So that's how. I felt for sure. But i also was just in awe of that we will have a madam vice president. We've never said that before amit. She's a black woman that she's a south asian women in what it says about our leadership and what it says to a coming generation of black and brown girls who will be okay being ambitious. Because they've seen it. I just i'm still choked up thinking about wet now feels possible and i'll just tell you one quick story. My i have two sons and they are twelve and eight and my eight year. Old grew has grown up casually talking about. When i become president you know. He just sorta We'll drop it incidences as like well. Maybe one day when i'm president and he's able to do that because he saw it in president barack obama who he would call he calls president bronco and and so president bronco was out there in just being there provided a whole new opportunity for people and so i am really excited that we will have that for free black Young people to know that leadership can look like a vice president elect comma harris. It's amazing i i don't have kids have nieces and nephews and i think about my niece in particular that she only knows. Hillary clinton are miss hillary as she hall alter who ran for president and now he knows kamala so for her. This is just so normal that it's gonna be weird for them if they see a presidential ticket without a woman they're gonna be lightweight with. I think we're done with the idea of all white male tickets. I actually think people will people will think what what is that. And how did we get their that. It is a new day in many ways. Because of that and i think this country will be grappling with that going forward

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