Penix, Fryfogle, No. 10 Indiana blank Michigan State 24-0


Indiana's four know after Michael panics junior threw for three hundred twenty yards in the tenth ranked Hoosiers twenty four nothing shut out of Michigan state at east Lansing amazing team we play you know it we played great on deciding on also starts with like we left a lot of points on the board but it was still seeing women no we're happy that we got thanks also tossed a pair of first half interceptions but he threw a pair of scoring passes to tie FRY Fogel who had eleven receptions for two hundred yards the Hoosiers a foreign when the big ten for the first time since nineteen eighty seven they now prepare for showdown with Ohio state the Spartans largest nine first downs and one hundred ninety one total yards rocky Lombardi was picked off twice before being pulled in the second quarter I'm Dave Ferrie

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