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You this morning via Twitter, President, Trump said. Joe Biden won the election. Well, then he walked it back with another tweet. But in the meantime, the president's legal team Was on Fox News this morning with more claims of election fraud and irregularities. Still no evidence. So far, but we'll have all the latest for you on that. You're on Caleb EJ, Can you Ron Meyer with you on this Sunday afternoon? Thanks a lot for being with us. On the weekends In Washington, D. C. Yesterday, thousands of Trump supporters rallied in his defense. And there were some here in Austin to the Austin rally was relatively quiet. The D. C rally. Not so much, but much of the media ignored that D C story. Tell you what happened there. On Caleb EJ, the incoming president, Joe Biden is deciding whether to back a short term national lockdown. Key member of the Biden Coronavirus Task Force. Talked about that this morning on the Sunday talk shows will tell you what he had to say.

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