Ep. 32: I Dont Want Any Drama! (Real Housewives of Atlanta) w/ Special Guest Jacob Blaeser

The Trash


Sweet sweet trash Again come in at you. Laga memo trust in in a dumpster to the motion is that original or were you remaking saw making a song. What song. I think it's touch by annie lennox. Which white person is that any lennox. Yes the white person that does that other. Really good eighty song which you know. Have you know it because everybody knows it. What is it singer. You gotta sing it. You wanna sing it. That's why you said it. So actually. The only problem is is now that i have that song in my head. Oh it's the sweet dreams. No not any lennox bitch can't kill okay this week in native stupid and music you know who i always thought that was who can you. Can you guess who always thought that was now. I thought that maryland man that thing. I don't know 'cause he knew that part where she's like. Hey i thought. The lead singer of alabama shakes was a man and i thought that lead singer of that one is is was the woman. It's a man right. No singer is. I don't know anyway. What the trash spears jim brunell. Oh that was uproarious. Yes the trash week. Thirty something pandemic. Well i was just gonna say of our of our podcasts. We've been doing this for thirty seven weeks thirty two today nice. Yeah how is your episodes. Been out trying to transition and asking you how you've been but that didn't really work how you've been this week doing okay episodes. What do you mean. i don't know i'm trying to tie up in the white people are going. Think i'm like like have you had any episodes now. I haven't had any episodes this week. This week has been tiring. Though we've been doing deep cleaning. And then i had to be with a bunch of really crazy big dogs yesterday. My legs my whole body hurts. I've got bruises all over the way just for anyone who doesn't know where sarah works. She works at a doggy daycare. Not at a brothel some 'cause it sounded like she was just saying like a bunch of big dogs are around me and we have to do a deep clean Special one day this week at work. I was scrubbing and painting walls. And doing all this shit and then yesterday. I'm like way you were painting malls or you painting like you're painting walls now like i was painting with breaststrokes with bullets and blood Because the dogs like scratch shit up so then we have to paint over it. And then every time i hear someone say they're gonna paint something. I just think of the irish men was it. The irishman right. Yeah who's like paint houses. I don't know anyway. Go ahead. I forget what i was gonna say. Oh no and they had to wrangle a bunch of like fucking labrador retrievers and german shepherds and shit. Shit a lot of shit. Yes what you guys dogs poop and a lot fun fact. I used to work in a porn shop as a security guard. And i did the overnight shift in one of my jobs was to clean the arcade Where people would go in and paid a jerk off to films and the way they had me clean it was the i just stick with a rag on it and i'll just i'll just spray it down with like windex dislike. Have a stick with that. I used to do that. Hey jacob are you a dog person I can go both way. Well she said. I'm an animal person. I guess you i mean. I'm not incredibly fond of all animals. But like i get along pretty well with all metal. Ninety minute wait a minute. Let's dive into that. Which ones are you. Not fond of Once i can kill me okay okay interesting. That makes sense if they can put even and i. I don't know i i. I'm out hiking and taking photographs. I am May joni. I'll know. And i'm usually pretty call. I dunno animals animal. How many killed you know handful. Maybe i will check it recreationally or ones that. I was paid kill like since. I wonder if there's ever been in the history of the world. Someone who who paid a hitman to kill an animal. Does that fucking cat man movie more guy. He hit kill it. Can't it inheritance and the cat from hell spawn in like the sounds amazing. The cat like chicks. You fox hit man. Movie cats are wild. Please find that movie. I wanna watch that this weekend. Due to that lincoln yes bird. Democ never seen bird. It's so bad. So i like i kinda liked cats a little bit more. Americans die yopat because like you know Them and then he just go away. And there's like literally me our cat. Leo like me and him have the relationship and literally all it is is a wake up and be like scratch me and scratch thanksgiving food and then i feed him and he was like thanks to walk away and sleeps like our. Yeah and then it comes back as it again That's all excited analysts. All excited and like all your shit dude come on like can't you just go away for a long time. That's why cats are so good. But i mean i like dogs i like i like my daughter has the you're not allowed to look at it in the i bite you But like it's got to the point where we were best buds now like stick my hand in his mouth and move it grabs wrong and move it around and over. There is my job who they were like. Don't look at him in the eye. And i was like why. They're like he doesn't like it. He goes crazy and then one day. I was looking at him through a window that we have like from the room where the dogs are in lake front desk where i am. And he's like looking at me through the window. And i was like you know. Let's see what happens. And i made eye contact with him for a long time and i think i think i demonstrated dominance over him. Because now i look him in the is all the fucking time. He doesn't give a shit. I'm like yours are dumb. When you say that. I just imagined the dog being like a tiny little joe pesci you looking at me. You really what it is. That's her attitude a. Really scared they. It makes them uncomfortable. But i don't have a general rule when i enter like a rumor like somebody's house. I ignore all animal eight noram especially during time. I will acknowledge dog is if it's totally calm. If it's in any way excited yeah act like out there. I've noticed every time. I've gone into a house with a few people and there's a dog in the room. Everyone goes to the dog. And they're like loving the dog. And i ignore the dog and the dog comes to me and he's like. Hey what's up with you more than anyone. And it's actually the best way to encounter it off when you just ignore the dog in because we are excited they react weird so i wait till let's calm then or are you good all right. Maybe we can iraq now you know. Yeah because remember stimulated a lot of the time

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