Gov. Kemp renews COVID-19 guidelines as Georgia sees increase in new cases



The governor is responding to to an an uptick uptick in in Corona Corona virus virus cases cases in in Georgia. Georgia. WSB WSB Jennifer Jennifer Perry Perry governor governor Brian Brian Camp Camp is is extending extending the the state's state's current current coronavirus coronavirus restrictions restrictions through through the the end end of of the the month. month. He's He's also also urging urging Jordan's not to grow complacent. Camp says the state has deployed more than 300,000 rapid tests across the state and stockpiled a 60 Day supply of Peopie. More than 11. Million cases of the Corona virus have now been reported in the US in the most recent million came and less than a week, Joe Biden's scientific advisors will meet with vaccine makers in coming days as the presidential transition remains stalled because of President Trump's refusal to acknowledge that he lost the election.

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