The Winners and Losers of ESPN's Top 100 NBA Player Rankings


Loves lists are fun to debate ESPN came out with one of theirs loves to hate lists, but go on they love to hate him. Yes why I used to hate him cuz you're usually very wrong or cuz everyone's got their own lists. Like everyone had the same listed will be everyone hates. Everyone hates lists yet. They love them because you can debate them endlessly and ESPN sent out. Its top 100 list up until Player 11 and Jayson Tatum is the last one on the list. So he didn't crack the top ten. Well up to 11 is quite an accomplishment for him. Kemba Walker all the way down to 48 Marcus Smart jumps from 87 years. Thirty-seven on this list Jaylen Brown goes up from 51 to 32 Jayson Tatum. Also a big leap up to 11:00 and again lists our lists and we're not holding this as holy gospel, but we still am kind of talk about it because it is interesting and they're fun to debate our friend Gordon Hayward comes in at 44. So Marcus Smart is better than Gordon Hayward apparently in ESPN's eyes who is slightly better than Kemba Walker who's been slightly diminished because of his knees and his uncertainty. So we'll see what's happening there. But guys your initial thoughts on this list. Mine is obviously smart way too high and Jaylen be a little bit low. Yeah, and if you compare to last year, you know, I was top-heavy with the town in terms of your percentage of the League's top twenty five guys. I did a top-25 myself. I did my own last game of the regular season last year and I had four Celtics in the top thirty. So that's different. Now, you know kind of takes a dip shocking it takes a dip with the or something off the top 20. I almost addicted when when John was talking about how much he hates list because I'm kind of with him on that but nothing nothing. Nobody list that I hate more is a preseason list and then Bob to say that you have a post like what NBA Finals list, that's probably the second worst one between capital mean anything it was between the regular season and the playoffs and you're right the list off completely by the end of the postseason that you took time. Okay. Hey out of your life. Hey, we gotta check the content here. How long a couple of months? No, you suck. Changes it rapidly after the whole Jimmy Butler situation that we saw in the playoffs and I think that's an interesting thing about this list to definitely considering playoff runs quite a bit. I mean Jamal Murray gets into the top twenty thousand that's playoff performance right there. You talk about some of the other guys biggest surprise Zion nineteen like the Scion hype continues. What was he played Thirty games? Does Chicago Fire? Wow, I don't think there's eighteen guys in the league. I want in front of him. I'll tell you that if it's know what they'll list is it's not that they do these jobs. It does project. It does project out a little bit in terms of you know, kind of entering the season. So I think the 30 games you played is less of an issue. I do again want to talk about the Celtics here. All right, you know one by one cuz again, it doesn't matter where they are on a list but relative to their expectations for the year. It is important. Okay, because yep need if Marcus Smart is a is the is a tough 37 player in the NBA then that's a that's a trio that you can feel pretty good about I debate whether that's actually true I don't understand how long this went from 80s again it's a list we know it's not possible but how does from 87 to 37 in a year when it's offensive metrics went down in terms of efficiency his three-point shooting got worse his to point his overall field goal percentage was 34 I mean he was not again we know he can distribute we know how to feed other things offensively to make up for that but this is a guy who you are now you're now we are now asking a 34% field-goal shooter to shoot more and that's important to the team's success issue that worries me a little bit yeah I mean that's the part of the lift that thing is out the most right obviously because the market smart and there's two reasons one because of what we saw in the postseason he didn't have a great postseason his special In the Eastern Conference Finals, so that stands out to you as okay. Well, how did he get high on this list? The reason I think it got high on this list because just like everyone else is saying and what we've been talking about you don't take on a big role because of Kevin Walker Because of You Know the Way Gordon Hayward let and now this is huge void. He's going to take up a huge step in and I think he is p.m. Which of course this is why I hate these preseason the list because they're they're either getting wait till end of themselves down sizing, you know, it's either one of the other and with this one. I think they maybe just saying that they may be value mean Marcus Smart a little more than we do. I guess I guess the best way to put it I don't know. I don't think I would put them that off the list but I see why they did that because they know that his responsibility is going to expand ridiculously the next couple of months,

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